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iPad Delight

It was inevitable that I would get an iPad, not so much if, but when? Fortunately (in a way) it was my 40th birthday year, so my beloved parents decided that a 32gb wi-fi model would be an appropriate gift.
And who am I to argue?
It is a brilliant device. Just about the right size, and any criticism about it being ‘too heavy’ has to be countered by the fact that its battery life is measurable in days, not hours. I fully charged the device on Saturday evening, Monday evening with a *lot* of usage over the last couple of days I still have 41% usage as it type.
The touch screen keyboard is suitable for touch typing, and is larger then my eee PC.
Downsides? It’s still running the previous version of iOS, version 3.x (which I could check if I had a multitasking OS such as iOS 4.0). But an update is coming ‘soon’ according to Apple, and as long as the performance and battery life issues with iOS 4.0 on my iPhone 3GS.
One thing to note for early adopters, the iLife applications, Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been reduced in price from £9.99 to ‘just’ £5.99, a relative bargain.
I’ll write more about the exciting changes at work in a post later this week, in the meanwhile if you have to beg, borrow or steal the cash to get an iPad.
You won’t regret it.