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End of an era

This is the last posting to this blog, probably for a very long time.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve not posted anything here for a while.  This isn’t due to a shortage of things for me to post about, but they don’t fit the ‘two cultures, one mind’ philosophy that kicked this blog off way back in December 2006.

I’m also about to start on a really interesting phase of my academic life, as I move from the ‘taught’ part of my PhD, into the big, scary thesis stage.  I think it’s really important that I do write during this journey, so I have created Andy’s PhD Blog.  I really hope to write to this much more regularly than I have managed here.

Thanks everyone for popping in, I know this blog has had a small following, and maybe my PhD-exclusive blog will have an even smaller readership, but as it’s purpose is not really publication, but to chronicle my own journey, this worries me less than I would have thought.