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Apple TV delight

Another month, another Apple product makes its way into my life. This time it’s the new and improved Apple TV. 
The heart of the diminutive little black box (think the size of a couple of packs of John Player Specials, and that includes power supply and 802.11n wi fi is one word, streaming. 
Want to rent a movie from the iTunes store and stream it directly to your tv? – check. 
Want to stream YouTube, podcasts, flickr and Internet radio from the Internet? – check. 
Want to stream music, photos, podcasts, photos, and all those movies that you have legally bought from the iTunes store (plus any others that you may have acquired and are in the right format for viewing in iTunes) – check. 
Yes, there are other products which do similar functions without the tie-in to apple and it’s DRM. And the UK version is lacking some major features which it’s US counterpart have, including the ability to rent TV episodes, and a Netflix-type service opening up the concept of movie rental packages rather than one off rentals (which at £2.49 – £4.49 a pop is anything but cheap). 
And I can’t avoid mentioning after a recent journey to the states has reminded me, $99 is about £62, even with 17.5% VAT the equivalent price is £72.85 – this for a lower functioned device too. 
But am I happy with Apple TV?  Delighted. Though as has been pointed out I do now own every category of Apple device in at least one form or another (iPods, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, Apple TV). Maybe this won’t be a completely unbiased view. 
I’m tapping this on my iPad on my way back from London, a quick ‘in and out’ to see a musical.  Interestingly this Virgin Pendolino can get me from Central London to Lichfield in 1hour 11minutes, not that much slower than the new High Speed 2 Rail line Is predicting speeds. 
Makes you think.