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I’m still standing

It’s been a while I know since I’ve posted here. Things never stay still for long round here, let’s bring you up to speed on where I am.

I’ve re-certified as an Apple Support Professional. Alas I didn’t stay the course for the next grade, and pass the server side of the course, this is a ‘to do’ for the next few months, as it’s important for me to get this next stage qualification.

I’ve also been working really hard on my PhD, and the reason I feel I can post something now is that I’ve just sent off my 5.5k word assignment which is the first part of the assessed work. This PhD is a ‘professional PhD’, the first two years being much more structured than a traditional PhD. I have five of this assignments to complete in the first two years, each one building up skills.

And in the last week, I’ve been a little braver about taking pictures during teaching sessions… below are a few pics from the huge MSc Poster Fair (the posters weren’t huge, that would be silly), but as you can see there was a real buzz around the room as we evaluated over thirty-five posters.

Unlike some lecturers, I’m still teaching hard, with my two-week intensive module running for another few days, and juggling this with marking and exam invigilation hasn’t been easy this time, not least of which because once again I am laid low with a stinking cold. This is my second this year, and each one lays me low for a good few days. Not good for students, and definitely not good for me.

So it’s been a couple of months of highs and lows since my last post. I will try and post more regularly, the writing muscle definitely gets flabby if not used, and I don’t need any more flabby parts of me. I think I can be forgiven though, producing publishable-quality work (which hopefully the paper I’ve been writing for my PhD is) is not an easy process.

See you all ‘real soon’.