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Mini post

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m still here.  I remember, not that long ago, when the time after marking, exam boards and setting resit coursework and examinations was a period of consolidation and reflection.

Not any more.

Anyhow, I’ve passed the first part of my PhD, if not with flying colours then at least I’m still on track for the PhD route.  I’m planning on submitting it to a journal for publication, after I’ve ensured that it’s suitably anonymous and removed the reflective element.

I’ve been running resit sessions for students who were not successful first time round.  So far, attendance hasn’t been great.  It’s been better for the exams which I’ve been invigilating, which bodes well – the first step towards passing a module is turning up for the exam.

I’ve also been doing shedloads of reading for the next module on my PhD, my current working title for the next stage is “Can Technology Enhanced Learning help Universities Support International Students throughout their studies?”

Oh, and almost forgot, I’m the proud owner of an iPad…. case.  The iPad itself will have to wait until my 40th birthday, as it’s a present from my parents.  I told them it was too expensive, but to be honest I didn’t take that much persuading.