iPhone Tracker results

I’m sure anyone with an iPhone is aware of the iPhone tracker application.  I guess this is a good example of ‘the innocent have nothing to hide’… here’s my map – click to embiggen.

The strange quirk is my heavy presence seemingly in Amsterdam!  I think this is when I use my Three ‘mi-fi’ to connect my iPhone, when the o2 3G signal is particularly poor.  Either that or when I’m asleep a soft drugs dealer borrows my phone and hops over to Amsterdam to carry out a quick deal.

It’s interesting how well last years summer holiday in France is tracked, and the ‘world view’ confirms that I did indeed head to Florida and Tunisia with my iPhone.

Interesting stuff, maybe I’m naive, but if Apple say that this is gathered anonymously, I believe them.  I know however  there are security implications, and some people may be worried by this, and Apple’s silence is becoming a little ominous.


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