More conference fun

As I’m going to be very busy next week at my second, and final residential week for my PhD, I thought I would take the chance to make a quick blog posting about some academic conferences that I have an interest in.

Firstly, a couple of weeks after I return from Lancaster, I’m off up North again to Edinburgh, for ICPD2, or 2nd International Conference on Professional Doctorates.  This is conference is a ‘light’ touch for me – it’s been nearly four years since I’ve attended a conference and this is a gentle introduction back into these sometimes surreal experiences.  I’m giving a poster presentation and talk.  The poster is directly related to the first part of my PhD.  Click below to embiggen the poster, though note that this is a large file!









The poster was prepared using the excellent software PosterGenius which has recently been ported to the Mac.  This has saved me so much time, and I would recommend to all students preparing any sort of poster presentation.  It’s not cheap, but the poster above took me a morning to produce, though most of the text was already prepared.  Printed at the university (£11 for an A1 print, with a free postal tube), the finished product is now winging its way to Edinburgh, to sit in an office until the 20th April.  What can possibly go wrong with that!

My University is generously (in this day and age) paying my conference fee, and the Open University, through the ‘AL’ development fund for tutors has agreed to pay my flight and accommodation expenses, which was great to hear.  I know that conferences are seen as ‘jollies’, but I have got so much out of the ones I’ve been to before.

And much later in the year, I’m planning to submit an abstract and paper to Relive ’11, Researching Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments 2011 at the Open University.  This will be a paper based on research I have carried out in Shareville, a virtual environment.  Again, I’ve been told if my abstract is accepted that my conference fees will be covered.

But long term, I’ve had to sit down and have a good think about what I’ll be spending most of 2012 and 2013 working on, my ‘part 2’ thesis for the PhD.  Whilst we won’t be committed to our subject until the end of the year, we as a cohort are being asked to think long and hard at the residential about what we would like to do.  I think I’ve a good idea, and will share this with my cohort next week.  I don’t want to give too much away about it at the moment, in case it gets shot down in discussion, but I will share as soon as I can.

Am I an academic researcher?  No, not yet, though I am making the first steps, and I can see my writing style and rigour improve with each paper I write… I have two more ‘mini’ projects to complete this year and then it’s the 50,000 word thesis (though I’ve just written 500 words here, so I’ve only got to multiply this by 100, right?).

Now it’s time to curl up with my Kindle, and for a change do some more reading, but of a less cerebral nature.


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