Enough Procrastination

I am fortunate, in my day job I have a lot of freedom about how I spend my time, apart from the usual commitments of lectures, meetings, exam boards, boards of studies etc.

The upside of this that I can do what I want, and within reason, when I want.  Autofocus works really well for me as a day-to-day to-do list management system.

However, there are five items on the list which haven’t moved on for over six weeks.  Under Autofocus rules I should delete them, they clearly aren’t things that are inspiring me, and I haven’t really started work on them.  The problem is, they are five new online lectures for a course that the students will expect to be online, complete with supporting texts, talking head videos, and practice examination questions on the 1st June.

So I’m trying something inspired somewhat from Andrew Dubber’s 30 days of ideas, all be it on a much smaller scale.  My ‘five days of lectures’ will force me to write one lecture each day, and make sure that I’ve got all the resources needed, so that a couple of days of polishing  and tidying will get this monkey off my back, metaphorically speaking.

No email, definitely no Twitter, but at the end of each day I will post here how I’ve done, and how I feel about this.  Bursts of intensive creativity are nothing new, NaNoWriMo, which my friend completed in 2009, is an example of this.  If this doesn’t work, then of course I’ll know that I am truly a marathon, rather than sprint runner.

My reward?  I’ve been tempted to invest in another DAB Radio, this time for the office.  After all, it’s been months since I’ve bought one!


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