Brownhills Brownhills, a wonderful town!

The Health Centre’s up and the Anchor pub’s down.

Brownhills Brownhills, it’s a hell of a town!


Anyone who talks to me for more than a minute will know that I am Midlands born and bred. Friends from down south call me “the Brummie Git”, and when abroad natives have looked at me frustratingly and said “I know you’re from England, but which part?” unable to work out quite where.

I am West Bromwich born, went to school in Wednesbury, and lived in Tipton and Darlaston (and a caravan in Shropshire for six months), before settling for fifteen years in what was always optimistically called the ‘village’ of Featherstone – let’s be honest it’s a huge housing estate the likes of which we rarely see built nowadays.

I knew my neighbours, and the local PCSO who helped me out a a few times with some anti-social behaviour (not mine, just to clarify). But I never felt part of the community, maybe the lack of any school runs, or local shops didn’t help. My only contact with the council was when there were plans to develop another large housing estate on the edge of the village – I was one of the few supporting it, mostly because it would have brought a pub within walking distance of my home.

Time moves on, the commute into Birmingham was becoming less and less feasible (a bus and two train journeys, or sitting on the M6 for three hours a day). And so I looked to move.

Even before I had committed to purchase my new home, I knew a lot about Brownhills and the surrounding area through the activity of Brownhills Bob, a local blogger who pulls no punches about what is great, and what isn’t, about the area. He has since turned into an online friend, and my first point of contact for anything local, much as in the past neighbours would have asked each other for advice.

Looking wider, and through ‘Bob’, local website the YamYam (which used to be a derogatory term for those from the Black Country, but is now a badge worn with pride by many) I’ve become much more informed about what’s happening locally.  I have also been able to request, and receive help from my local councillor, Mike Flower, who picked up on a tweet a couple of months back.

So whilst I still may know little about my neighbours apart from the nicknames I have given them due to their habits, endearing or otherwise, I feel more of a sense of community now than I have ever done where I have lived elsewhere – for me it makes no difference whether interaction takes place over a garden fence, or via Twitter.

The YamYam is to cease soon after some really great work,  and I will miss it’s RSS feed.


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