I’ve got a small butt

It’s official.

Since moving, I’ve been subjected to having my water metered, a new experience.  Whilst I’m still waiting for my first bill (nine months after moving into South Staffs Water’s area), I’ve been thinking what can I do to reduce my water consumption.  Showering less often was considered, but rejected by those closest to me… as they moved further away.

My garden is not populated with much fauna yet, this year is a settling in year and getting the feel for where the sun travels through the year is part of the fun of a new house.  But I also resent paying directly to water plants.

I can’t remember where I found the link, but I’m all for anything being subsidised, and anyone in the South Staffs area (Walsall, Sandwell and I believe large parts of Birmingham) can get a discount on a number of water saving gadgets over at http://www.ssw2u.com/ .  Orders are fulfilled by a commercial organisation, but I still think I saved over a tenner, without the hassle of trying to get it home yourself.

So, here it is, a picture of my little butt installed by yours truly.  Those of you know know that I have two left thumbs when it comes to DIY will no doubt be amazed that I have fitted this myself, not as amazed as I was!

Note, installation does involve cutting about 3cm out of the downpipe.  Scary stuff, and it’s a little ragged but it doesn’t show in this picture.  Also, the diverter is about 1cm larger, so be careful when close to any clips.

I’ve tested it out, and the diverter device works as expected, feeding water into the butt until full, then diverting back down the drain, clever stuff.

So anyone hesitant, or DIY-phobic, then don’t worry.  Just need some plants to water now.


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