Holiday booking

What do you look for when you’re booking a summer holiday?

Good weather?

Pool or beach nearby?

Air Conditioning?

Wi-fi internet access?

I freely admit that each of those probably have equal weighting for me.  After a fortnight in Lanzarote last year saying ‘it’s too hot’, air conditioning became an essential this year for anywhere apart from a UK based holiday (well OK, if I was heading into the Arctic circle that would probably negate this request).

But wi-fi?

It’s one of those milestone years for me this year, the big four-oh (I know, I don’t look it, especially in my profile pic).  So we wanted to do something special, something different.  In the past, choosing and booking holidays has been a long and drawn-out process.  We did the whole thing this time in less than 24 hours, including four hotels booked on the journey there and back, ferry and a fortnight stay in a gite in France (here).  Even a couple of years ago I had problems transferring money from a UK account to a Euro-based one – this year Paypal came to the rescue and the transfer took literally seconds.

There’s a great line in the promotional web site – Outside, you can enjoy wireless high-speed broadband internet on your laptop.  Clearly the stone walls don’t allow for wi-fi signals to travel!

Through some terrible planning on my mother’s part, my birthday also falls just at the time that the second PhD module comes to its culmination, with peer reviews and final submissions.  I’m sure I could have survived without my laptop(s), but I’m not willing to put it to the test.  A few minutes a day will keep me in touch.

The holiday booking is also giving me something to look forward to, having succumbed to the flu for the last week, and still off work sick.  If this sounds familiar, it is.  Last time I was on holiday during much of my illness, not so lucky this time.


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