It’s Christmas!

So all the preparations are done, most of the presents are wrapped.
For many years I looked after payroll and HR systems, meaning Christmas became a stress festival, frequently working up to Christmas Eve. The millennium was the final straw, at 8:00 am on 01/01/00 I was running test payrolls to check that we could pay a workforce of 12,000 employees.

Being an academic provides the opportunity to have a slightly longer break from work, and I’m not in university until the 11th January. It’s all a little chaotic then, but at least I will be rested.

What does 2010 hold for me? Course director of a new MSc programme, tutoring a new course with the open university, and embarking on a new PhD should keep me out of trouble. I’m also mentoring a new tutor within the OU, and also involved in outreach activities at both of the establishments I’m connected to.

I may post over the break, but if I don’t may I wish all of my readers a great Christmas, and a successful 2010, whatever you want to do.


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  1. Wal Effingham on

    My Christmas was also much more relaxed than previous years, I have been retired for a couple of years now and now fully qualified as a “silver surfer”!

    Good to hear about your significant progress since moving onto pastures new.

    Your post tells me that you have a busy few years ahead, so let me wish you the very best for 2010!

    Best wishes

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