And four years later….

Nearly ten months ago I applied to start a PhD in e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning at Lancaster University.  It’s been a long journey, but yesterday I sent off my acceptance form and from Feb 2010 until sometime in 2014, I’ll be a student working on my ‘taught’ PhD.

What does this mean?  Well, for the first two years I follow a taught programme of study, with five modules, details of which are here.  During this time I develop my thesis proposal, and the final two years are spent researching and writing up.

I’m really pleased that I’ve made the commitment, and decided to go for this, the temptation to defer for another year was great, but I’m also just a little bit scared.  I’ve completed extended periods of study before (my first degree took 7 years, and my BA in ‘fun’ has taken eight years to complete), but clearly I’ve not studied at this level before – my Masters experience wasn’t an altogether positive one for me.

I’m doing some prep work already, I bought a couple of books over the summer which may be useful and I’m now reading, and I also know I need to get grips with the statistical package SPSS, I had a great manual on the package as a birthday present.

I’m also getting to grips with Zotero, as a way of storing and referencing my research.

Exciting times ahead.


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