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Suited and booted – day two

For the second time this week, and only the third time this year, I’m suited and booted.

This time it’s work related however.  It’s strange how the formality of a suit can change the tone of a meeting, or a workplace.

I remember when it was announced at a previous company that ‘smart casual’ dress would be allowed, and then came with a long list of what wasn’t acceptable ‘smart dress’.  One category of clothing not approved was ‘gardening wear’ – I have no idea to this day what this could possiblt be, apart from wellies, which was unlikely for an office environment, no matter how cold it got.

I do remember rushing out the lunchtime it was announced, to stock up on casual shirts in bright colours (this was the end of the 1990s, so please forgive me).  The next day I was proud to sit at my desk suit-less, and more daring than that, tie-less.

Then as everyone else came in still wearing their suits and ties, I wondered if there had been a massive April fool joke played on me.  No, the policy had been adopted, but my older, more conservative co-workers had decided to take their time and only dip their toe into the casual dress pool.

I’ve been through the casual dress, slobby academic stage, and now generally wear a shirt and tie, all be it with smart jeans… I’ve not resorted to shorts as some colleagues have.  But each time that I turn up in a suit some ‘wag’ always asks if I’m going for an interview… …