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Family Funeral

I don’t have that many relatives, having no siblings, and my parents have very few brothers and sisters.  This isn’t usually a problem though the number of Christmas cards received always looks a little diminished compared to some families.

Yesterday however was one of those sad days, when the few remnants of my family gathered together for the funeral of my last great-aunt.  This was my Gran’s sister, Phyllis, better known as Aunty Phyl.

Despite my own wish for a humanist funeral, it was good to hear the service led by someone who did actually know my aunt, having worked with her as well as being her pastor.  Whilst I can’t agree with the rhetoric, it was delivered with passion.

Aunty Phyl worked until her mid seventies in the family business, and it certainly kept her active, though I remember that towards the end her driving was a little erratic (if I saw her car parked outside my Gran’s house, I would always make sure there was a lot of space for her to safely manoeuvre around. 

In the end however, she succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease, something which also affected my  Gran, and is still touching my life now.  The donation instead of flowers to the Alzheimer’s Society is another well-deserved cause I was happy to contribute to.

RIP Aunty Phyl – I’ll miss your mints!