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Twitter Witter

During my blog ‘downtime’, I’ve become a regular Twitterer.  Looking back at my postings before I paused, I could see that I was using Twitter more and more, so that’s about six months of regular postings.

One thing which is different is that I’m now using Twitter in some of my teaching, mostly as an alternative, and sometimes more reliable medium than the universities Virtual Learning Environment (Twitter being more reliable than another service probably gives you a feeling for the reliability of moodle over the last few months).

So, if you’re an ITMB student in the second or third year you can see all my tweets relevant to you depending on whether you’re in the second or third year.

A couple of students subscribe to my twitter feed, the poor poor souls who are then also subjected to my thoughts on X-factor and other life-enhancing experiences.

All of this has drawn the attention of the Open University, and I’m giving a talk to the West Midlands regional staff development evening in December, though the scope has been widened to blogs and wikis, as well as Twitter.

All good fun I guess…. and a chance for me to revive my favourite graphic about Twitter.