The ‘sat nav’ tour 2009

Well, not my usual day today, but interesting nonetheless.  A steady start in the morning, but this was at the expense of heading directly to Millennium Point by 12:00.  A slight struggle with bureaucracy as I picked up assignments for the first time, before a quick meeting with our new boss.  Then it was a mad dash to Kings Norton, for a placement visit at South Birmingham Primary Care trust.  That went off really well, so I had time to head to my aunts.

I’m typing this in (via Windows Live Writer) at a pub near my aunts… I’m not saying that this is the first time that they’ve seen a laptot here, but the barmaid does keep wondering where the words keep appearing from, and whether the slot for the typewriter paper is!


Shortly after typing the above sentence, my 3 modem decided to throw a wobbly, and not connect, even though it appeared to have enough signal strength.  I tried it with my eee and Macbook with no luck.  Luckily the first part of this was composed off-line, so I haven’t lost anything apart from an hour of my life trying to sort it.

Anyhow, before this interruption I was musing on the life of the ‘urban roadie’, and how the existence of sat nav systems has made my driving a mostly safer place.  Today, I knew exactly where Millennium point, the office in Kings Norton, and my aunt live, but I’ve never had to navigate between the three points before.  My Tom Tom sat nav probably saved me half an hour off the combined journey today… OK I appear to have lost all of this in trying to get my 3 modem to work, but psychologically I feel like I’m ahead.

Back home now, and an early night is calling, just me, Connie Willis and Classic FM I think.


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