PRINCE2 2009

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the Project Management Community that PRINCE2 is overdue for a refresh.  This will be called PRINCE2 2009, and a launch date of the 16th June has been confirmed.  It will be a little while after this that books are published etc., but this is the launch date.

Less than a month back I went to the Project Challenge Show, and found out a little more information about this from a talk given by Andy Murray.  I’ve been keeping an eye on his blog for a while, and indeed used some of his earlier thoughts on the process in my lectures this year, when I knew change was in the air.

I’ve attached to this posting my original scrawlings taken from the talk  here – not exactly the most user friendly read really.

So this morning, I’ve taken these notes and created a mind map of my notes – this can be seen below (click to embiggen).


I used mind42 for the map, and exported as a .png file.  This sort of exercise really lends itself to mind-mapping.

There’s a couple of things worth mentioning, the idea that Product Based Planning (including Product Breakdown Structur and Product Flow Diagram) is a ‘marmite’ technique (love it or hate it), certainly resonated with me.  At first I couldn’t see the point of turning an adjective (assemble wardrobe) into a noun (assembled wardrobe).  It seemed a fussy and pedantic process.  But when you start to think about the whole ethos of PRINCE2 being on deliverable (sorry delivered!) product then it makes sense.

The new philosophy of processes/themes/principles and environment (against the current view of Processes/Components/Technqiues) will also benefit PRINCE2, and it’s adoption within businesses.  Whilst I’m still a little vague on the details, the recognition of the environment which PRINCE2 operates in (be it business, not-for-profit or public sector) can only be a good thing.  I’ll look forward to reading this.

And why has it taken me three weeks to write these notes up?  No excuse, apart from the fact that I’ve not been using the Autofocus system for to-do lists which I’ve been singing the praises of.  One morning in and I’ve already done more than I would usually.


2 comments so far

  1. Frank Turley on

    Here is a link to an Course & Exam PRINCE2 FAQ

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks for that link Frank.

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