eee and Windows XP

As you will know, my laptot came installed with Windows XP.  Despite several upgrades (512 mb –> 2 gb memory, extra 8 gb SSD, bluetooth dongle), I’ve still been experiencing performance problems.

The first tweaks were simple, using the performance tab under ‘My Computer’ properties I adjusted the screen display for maximum performance.  I lose some of the ‘bling’ of Windows XP, but it’s a small price to pay.

The other changes had a big impact on the available space on the SSD, the size of the System cache.  XP recommended 3 gb now that I’ve got 2 gb of memory – that’s a hefty chunk of my 8 gb internal SSD.  But this has made the sinle largest performance improvement to my system.

But this caused problems, leaving me around only half a gb of memory on my internal disc (c:\).  I’ve therefore had a purge of software.  I’ve removed alll of the Windows components, and also all of the Windows Live components – I appreciate that they are well written applications (including Windows Live Writer, which is a real shame as I did like thiss little program.

So, with radical purging, I made some space… only for the automatic updates from Microsoft to come along and whack another half a gb onto the system.

Performance at the moment is ‘OK’, but I think I’m going to have to look at alternatives to XP, even if this off an SSD or pen drive.  Ho hum, I’ll keep this posting open in case anyone stumbles across and has any hints and tips to help me run  XP on an eee pc701sd.

In other news, I’ve had a great day of work doing family things, and keeping all house moving ideas out of my head, back to the marking fray tomorrow, with my red pen blazing.


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