BBC Radio 7 – Schedule change

Yes, I know this is another completely off-topic posting, but when you’re limited about what you can talk about at work, and I’ve not bought a new gadget for days, then I think it’s justified.

I love BBC Radio 7.  Even more than Radio 4, which is saying something.  The mix of drama, comedy and the almost timeless nature of its output (there’s no news headlines to disturb the flow, as the whole channel is pre-recorded) allows for a great sense of timelessness when listening to the programme.  I’ve lost count of the number of times when I’ve gone to bed listening to a gentle comedy, only to hear the same programme at 3am the next morning.

But from this week, there’s been a majoy shake-up of the schedule, which has only gone to improve the experience.  Previously, there was three hours of childrens programming from 2pm – 5pm each afternoon.  I guess the idea was to get kids listening whilst on the school run.  Unfortunately there uptake of digital radios in cars has been much slower than anyone anticipated, so that marked never appeared.  Three hours in the afternoon is also a large time to dedicate to a realtively small audience.

Recognising this, they have moved the main CBeebies on Radio 7 slot to 5am – 8am, much more sensible as most listeners to this would use the ‘listen again’ service, hence it doesn’t really matter at all when it’s originally broadcasted.  This frees up the afternoon slot for more ‘adult’ comedy and drama.  If you add to this the extra hour of comedy in the morning, you’re left with much more radio when I can listen to it.

Except that for most of these times I’m in the car!

Of course there’s a solution – PURE Highway In-Car DAB Radio With FM Transmitter – Black – but with mixed reviews, and an already gadget-laden car.  Still, I admire BBC Radio 7 for doing this, and look forward to exploring their new schedules.


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  1. Brian on

    I do not agree that 7 has been improved. I used to love falling asleep with the radio on in early hours and waking to listen to some great vintage comedy but now I get wakened at 5+ am to the sound of shreiking babies progs – I have retuned – and I was such a fan!
    Great to get DAB in car but does not satify th rest of us. If it’s not broke; don’t fix it!

  2. Diana on

    I agree radio 7 has not been improved by the 5am-8am children’s slot. Waking too early to rise I now have nothing on the radio to amuse me, World Service is ok but I prefer to be amused by comedies etc so I have nothing left now until good old Sarah Kennedy at 6.00am

  3. Sheila on

    I too used to love listening to radio 7 and often quite enjoyed Big Toe between 7 – 8 am but absolutely hate waking up to giggling, squealing children and adults using silly voices, so I too switch over. I also do not like the change to the timing of the crime and thrillers or the comedy, so once again I’m switching over. Please, if nothing else, put CBeebies back where it belongs in the afternoon.

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