The first day of the rest of your life…

Discussion with parents at the weekend.

‘So I’ve decided to do a PhD.’

‘But I thought you’d said ‘never again’ after your Masters’

‘Yes, I know, but this is different.’



‘How long will it take?’

‘I’ll finish at the end of 2013.’

‘That’s after the Olympics!’ (When did we start our long-term planning as being before or after the Olympics).

Still, generally they were supportive even if they didn’t quite understand what the PhD is all about.  Let’s hope that over the next few months I’m able to be a little more certain too.  I’ve got meetings re: funding, but the application has gone into Lancaster this morning – fingers crossed.

The rest of the weekend was generally good, with Watchmen, new MINI launch, and meeting long-lost aunts and uncles (we realised it had been 22 years since I’d met my mother’s sister and her husband – at least they had the decency to say ‘haven’t you changed!’, which I have since I was 15 years old.)

This is the first week of Easter, and definitely the calm before the storm of marking etc.  I’m trying to get new module specifications written, but it’s easier said than done at the moment for various reasons.


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  1. Rojon Ali on

    I wish you the very best of luck with you PhD! Can one day call you Dr Andy Hollyhead 😉 Thats got a nice taste to it!

  2. David on

    Belated congratulations on getting the application in. All the best for the work ahead! I look forward to reading some blog entries with a PhD tag.

    BTW: Linking this post with your one on Firefox life, do look at the Firefox plug-in Zotero for your research needs. Being a plug-in, you can carry the database of your research sources with you from machine to machine. I’m using it now for my work on the ABLE project for bibliographic and other needs in preference to Endnote.

  3. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks David,
    I did look at Zotero a while back. I understand it’s much more powerful now and I will download it again. I think last time the difficulty was I only copied it to my work machine, and I run a nomadic life with now four machines.
    Hope all is going well with the ABLE project, I’ll email you privately soon.

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