Autofocus – One month on

I’ve been using the Autofocus system for a month – more information on how it works is at my original posting here.  I wish I could say I’ve followed it religiously in that time, writing everything that I need to do down, but I haven’t.  It has been useful for those transient things though such as in meetings or student contact, when you know you have an action, but after the meeting they fade away.

I like the feeling of completion, and indeed there’s over 75 ‘to do’ items crossed off.  I also like the ability to pick and choose to a certain extent – sometimes I’m in the mood for some heavy keyboard bashing, other times I’m in a more cerebal mood and want to read/think/mindmap.  Autofocus is good that it allows you to pick what you want to do.

The downside is that it is a paper based system, and I don’t ‘do paper’ to any great extent.  I think there’s a real drive here for a computer (or web based) version of the product, and will keep my eye open for such a product, though there’s probably a lot of copyright/patent issues around the process which would need to be sorted.

I am going to continue though, and recognise that Autofocus has given me the time to explore research questions and other opportunities at work which I would have otherwise forgotten about.

Oh, but I have made a couple of simple amendments.  It’s handy for me to see how long a to-do item has been waiting, and when I’ve completed an item, so two narrow columns have been added to my list ‘date added’ and ‘date completed’.  If I forget to use Autofocus for a few days this also acts as a timely reminder that I’m unlikely to have completed any tasks since the last one was entered.


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