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Apologies again for the scarcity of updates.  It’s not that there isn’t a lot going on at the moment, but some of it’s not appropriate to share with the BBW (big bad world for those who’ve not attended one of my professional development lectures).

One thing that has been occupying a lot of my thoughts over the last few days has been ‘what next’ with respect to my own studying and professional development.  As has been mentioned before, I’ve coming to the end of my BA in ‘fun’ studies, and I now need to have one eye on my vocational qualifications.  With my PRINCE2 certification, and now Apple Certified Support Professional, I’ve got some really useful qualifications there.

But over the last year my research has suffered, and the time’s come to start making a move towards a higher degree, or PhD.


No one can say that this has been a rush decision, I was aware that with my first class honours I could have gone straight onto PhD studies without a Masters way back in 2000.  But the time wasn’t right then.  I’ve also looked at EdD, a Doctorate in Education, but there’s still some concern about the recognition of the qualification, and I don’t want to spend four years, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears (I’m nothing if not a realist!) for a qualification which isn’t well thought of.

I looked at Lancaster University’s ‘taught’ PhD a few years back, as a colleague was coming towards the end of his studies there.  But ‘stuff’ got in the way as always.  This is a case where patience has really paid off however… as Lancaster has since increased it’s portfolio of PhD courses – including a Doctoral Programme in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning.

What excites me about this programme is that it’s so tied into my research interests.  Whilst TEL is a new acronym for me, the idea behind it is nothing new.  (first moodle module written for September 2003 delivery, blogs used in teaching since 2004, twittering… hmmm, off and on for the last couple of months).  The first two years of the programme guide you towards to your thesis (only(!) 50k words), prepared in the last couple of years.  The VLE used is moodle, and ning is used for the social aspects of the course.

I’m completing my application, though I won’t submit until I’ve sorted out references and given some thought to the supporting statement.  The good news is that it doesn’t start until March 2010… so have plenty of time to sort.. and also look at possible funding options.

Fingers crossed!


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