More OU news

Just a quick non-work, non-techie update. Surfing the OU website last night I realised that a new undergraduate diploma had been created in Literature and Creative Writing.  I was pleased about this.  The degree I’ve been working towards with my ‘mish mash’ of OU courses has never recognised the difference between the different courses, so (hopefully) by the end of June I’ll just have a ‘BA (Open)’.  With this new qualification I’ll have a record of my work in creative writing.

It also provides an embarassment of extra letters after my name.

In theory, if I used all of them I could (by the end of June) be

Andrew Hollyhead  Dip Comp (Open) Dip IT (Open) Dip LCW (Open) BA (Open) BSc Hons (Open) MA Education (UCE), FHEA ACSP

(It’s a good job that I don’t then).

It’s generally bad form to ‘double count’ qualifications, so in fact my Diplomas will be absorbed into the relevant degrees – but they also mean a lot to me as ‘stepping stones’ onto the full degree.

I’m still reflecting on ‘Higher Degrees’, and the options available to me – still!

This week is looking fairly well organised, and the Autofocus system is showing me pretty well what I have to work on next, let’s battle with MyTID, the new assessment portal for students and assessments.


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