The least impulsive purchase in the world?

Well, it’s taken me nearly a year from when I first decided to buy a laptot, but I’ve finally (finally!) ordered one, and Royal Mail willing it will be with me by tomorrow.

I’ve debated long and hard with myself, but I’ve finally bought an up-specced Acer Aspire One, with 1 Gig memory and a whopping 160 Gb Hard Disc.  It doesn’t quite fall into the SCC (Small Cheap Computer) category, though is is still a third of the cost of my last MacBook.  Let’s just hope that Amazon do their job and get it to me by tomorrow as promised – confidence is not high as the last two times I’ve paid for express delivery it hasn’t arrived at the time scheduled.

Why the AA1?  I was really, really tempted by the HP 2133, which would have been a fair bit cheaper and generally had a better review of build quality, but support seems limited to a couple of ‘fan’ sites, and there seems to be concern with performance and overheating.  There’s loads of info out there for the AA1, as well as lots of different OS’s.

The final straw when I saw that a student today was running Vista premium with no problems on his AA1, and I was able to hold it and feel how genuinely light and portable it is.

Myself, I don’t see this as a MacBook replacement, the screen size and ease of use will be hard to beat, but with this, I think I’ve got every computing niché covered, and I’ll never need to buy another computer again.



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