Where’s the time gone?

It came as a real surprise to me that it had been six days since I last blogged.  I don’t think (illness and holidays permitting) I’ve ever had such a long gap.

One of the reasons I think is that I’ve increasingly started using Twitter for short, instant updates to friends and family about what I’m doing, and a combination of Twitter/Facebook to keep in touch with the same friends/families.

There’s also a large amount of uncertainty at work at the moment, and whilst I’m reflecting on a lot of what’s happening personally, it’s not really appropriate to talk about his in a public space.  I guess that to some extent this is constraining what I feel I can talk about.

I’m also (relatively) skint, meaning that my gadget purchasing has been curbed recently.  I still really really want a laptot, and went scurrying off to Asda today as they had huge stocks of the Acer Aspire One for £150, but nowhere local to me I’m afraid.  There will be other bargains I’m sure, though there’s definitely a sweet spot price point for netbooks of around £200.  The more I think about it, the more I am sure I would find such a product useful, though my ever reliable and trust MacBook still does me stirling service.

I’m still persuaded to think that Apple are looking at launching a netbook, in 2008 20% of all laptop sales were in the sub 10″ screen market and a company as savvy as Apple can’t continue to ignore this area.  In addition, the ‘cheap’ MacBook has become less and less affordable… the new aluminium macbook is £929 in it’s cheapest guise (though the ‘classic’ white MacBook is now available for £719, and with a much improved spec as of early Jan 2009).  It doesn’t take a marketing mind to consider that Apple could gain a lot of Kudos by creating a ‘credit cruch’ laptop.

If I really want Apple to launch this product, then it’s simple, all I have to do is to buy a Linux based laptop and wait a couple of weeks.  They upped the spec of my MacBook within a couple of months of purchase, and Big Mac was out of date within less than a month of purchase, so it’s a sure-fire bet that after I make a purchase, Apple will do the deed.

Next week is looking busy, with a lot of teaching and exam boards, which I’m not sure I’ll be able to make all of due to teaching and project commitments.  Ah well, I can only do my best, short of cloning myself I guess.


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  1. Dominic Nielen-Groen on

    interesting you should mention netbooks and Mac. Recently I attempted to install MacOS X on my Acer Aspire One. It worked, although not entirely as I would have liked. Perhaps one of the later models will be able to handle it better.

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Thanks Dominic – it’s generally known that Acer actually build the MacBooks under licence for Apple so am not surprised that you were able to do this.
    Maybe before/after our next teaching session I can have another mooch at your Acer, which will probably convince me of the benefits of getting one.

  3. Dominic Nielen-Groen on

    Yes definitely. See you tomorrow.

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