Apple Certification

The first part of this week was spent at the NTI Birmingham, part of my university, but a new place for me.  I sat the ‘Leopard 101’ examination, which is the core course and qualification for all Apple certification programmes.

I can confirm that I am now an Apple Certified Support Professional.  The results are all available online, very clever copied below.

Exam Title Exam Code
Date Taken
Your Score
Mac OS X Support Essentials v10.5 Exam 9L0-402
Section Title Number of Questions Number Correct
01. Installation & Configuration 12 12
02. User Accounts 11 10
03. File Systems 14 13
04. File Management 9 6
05. Applications 11 10
06. Network Configuration 10 7
07. Network Service Access 8 5
08. Network Service Provision 6 6
09. Peripherals 3 3
10. Startup Process 6 6

I’m really pleased with this, and the mark (the pass mark needed was 73%).   I didn’t really have a chance to examine the marks too closely, and it came as little surprise that my weakest areas are network configuration and network service acces.

I’m still thinking about whether to take this further, the next qualification is Apple Certified Technical Coordinator.  I can now officially use an Apple logo on this blog, as soon as I have them in the right format I will do.

The training materials were excellent, as were the facilities, though the machines we were using (Mac Pro’s with dual core G5’s) were a little slow by today’s standards they did have 4.5 Gig of memory, making them fly.

Anyone wanting to have a sample of the questions for the ACSP qualification can click here (answers are at the end of the .pdf)


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    Great stuff. Hope all is well! See you at Graduation 🙂

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