iPod Touch secret screen

There’s a little-known iPod touch command (which I suspect also works on iPhone).  Simply press the Home button twice in succession, regardless of the application you’re in, and a small pop-up appears.  It simply tells you the Artist, Song and Albim, and a fast forward/rewind button, but of most interest to iPod Touch first generation a volume control.  This is less useful for second gen owners of course.  Finally, there’s a button which takes you to the iPod ‘music’ app.

This is really useful I think, and guess may not be known by all users – it’s not exactly an intuitive option, though I’m sure it’s somewhere in the online documentation.


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  1. acmed on

    everyone knows that!!!!
    if your gunna publish a real ‘secret’
    it has to be the screenshot:
    whatever is displayed on your ipod touch screen, if you press the home button (main one at the botton of the ipod that takes you back to your start menu) and the sleep button (little black button on top of ipod touch) at the same time, your screen flashes white, a camera noise is made and a picture has just been taken of what is currently displayed on your screen. The picture will then be stored in a ‘folder’ called saved photo’s
    you can take a picture of absoloutly anything, anywhere, anytime. This works for all 3gb 6gb 8gb 16gb + 32gb 1st and 2nd generation ipod touches!
    now thats a real secret, Chow. 😉

  2. notify me on

    that screenshot is well class!
    it actually works
    u rule acmed guy

  3. smdcosimpro on

    love that screenshot thingy… mint man class, take a bow… 🙂

  4. Michael Tim on

    Emm.. already know about it.
    Give some fragrance to your love one!

  5. taylerj on

    no fring is a good thing

  6. Chase on

    I figured the music 1 out myself and my friend told me about the screenshot one.

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