Music Magpie

In theory, Music Magpie is a great site.  You put the bar codes of your CDs or DVDs in (minimum of five, maximum of five hundred), and you get a value for your discs.  They send you a Freepost label, you send them back and you get a cheque back.

I picked ten DVDs that I either had duplicates of, or had never watched and probably never will watch, and put them into the site.

The prices offered for the DVD’s varied from just 18p (Fantastic Four, single disc DVD), to £1.18 (a BBC DVD about Tigers).  The total for all ten DVDs I would receive is £5.74

I’m still wondering if this is good value or not.  Rather than selling on eBay or Amazon marketplace I’ve only got a single package to send out, and I’m guaranteed the price, no dodgy traders.  But then I look at the fact that there’s getting on for 25 hours of viewing pleasure here (apart from Mission to Mars DVD, no one, and I mean no one gets pleasure out of watching that), and £5.74 seems very cheap.

What do you think?  Complete the poll on my blog (for those reading this via RSS).


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  1. johnson on

    Theoretically,this is a great idea but i dont see too many people selling a whole load of stuff to them for close to nothing! You are better off going into the high street and selling them to cash converters or blockbusters, with games selling them on ebay,amazon and/or

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