30k hits

Wow… I mean, wow!

The blog’s now had thirty thousand unique hits, and that’s from people who go to the site directly, not via RSS feeds, bloglines or any of the other ways of accessing a site.

I’m flattered, and very pleased.  And this month will be my second busiest month, after the peak of August 2008 when my posts about the Elonex OneT gained me an extra few thousand hits in a couple of days.

Thanks to everyone who comes to read, and thanks to those who have left comments on the postings.  I now leave comments open on new postings as the spam filter used seems to be much better after a glich in October.

Where next?  One thing that I will try to avoid is posting something simply in order to get my hit counter up – it’s so tempting to do that, and I may get a short term buzz, but it doesn’t make for a sustainable readership.

I will continue posting news about my teaching (and learning) where it’s appropriate, and I’m sure my reputation as a mac fanboy won’t diminish (especially with some news in the next couple of weeks).  But there will be fewer gadgets (not least of which because I’m buying fewer at the moment), and hopefully more about technology, and project management in general.

Watch this space.


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