Day one

The first day back hasn’t been so bad, though maybe worryingly my voice seems to be packing up after a day’s ‘normal’ talking at work.  Let’s see how it holds out tomorrow with my first, two hour lecture.

I’ve spent the day replying to emails, making sure that all is in place for the teaching over the next few weeks, and copying the important information for students (including the assignment!).

I’ve also collected most of my marking, and have some with me here back home today to start marking.  For some I’ve got marking templates prepared, for others I need to prepare one.  it’s all ‘do-able’, but I am really tired after my first day back, and I just want pizza (yes, I know!), and Family Guy tonight.  Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get motivated soon.

There’s not much else to report, except to mention a service which some may not be aware of.  I missed a delivery to my home on Friday, on one of my rare adventures out last week.  I won’t be at home during the day now for a couple of weeks (teaching tue/wed/thu/fri, and I’m also working for the OU on Saturday, more later).  But in small print on the car pushed through the doo, there’s a service called “Local Collect” which delivers the package to a local post office (all be it for a 50p charge).  This is really handy for me, and I should be able to get to my post office before 5pm tomorrow to collect the package (a couple of Amazon books, just in case what I received over Christmas wasn’t enough!).

Frustratingly, all the information on this service is geared towards business, there’s no simple page which I can direct you to – come on Royal Mail, this is a really good service for the majority of people who need to pick items up locally but can’t be at home 24/7!


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