TalkTalk members forum – responses and results

I must be feeling better, as I’ve started complaining to TalkTalk about my broadband speed again.  Half a dozen calls to TalkTalk, and I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I headed over to the TalkTalk member’s forum.

My plea for help got an immediate response, first from a TalkTalk moderator/administrator, then from a couple of other people.  They pointed me to things which I had tried before (remove all extensions, remove bell wire which isn’t a feasible option for me for complex reasons), and one which I hadn’t, namely that there could be an ‘issue’ with my Belkin router.

So, with the info provided by the forum posting yesterday, I rang TalkTalk again.  They’ve agreed to send me an official TalkTalk router (the same as I set up for my nearest and dearest in October).  The cost?  Well, I’ve had to sign up with them for another year, but being realistic this isn’t that much of a hardship, if I get really frustrated I can of course cancel (with a cancellation charge of ‘up to £70’).

It will arrive in 7 – 10 days, and when it does I’ll unplug all extensions from my house before using the new router.  The only snag I can see is that it’s been three years since I last entered my TalkTalk password – and have no idea where I’ve written it down!

So despite my occassional rant at TalkTalk, they appear to have improved both their customer service and technical support.  Let’s see how they perform with this ‘upgrade’.


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