Marks and Spencer sell Elonex Netbook

I read this article with interest, originally reported in The Telegraph. Marks and Spencer are going to sell a £100 Elonex netbook.  This could be the Elonex OneT, though as you’ll see there are problems with this machine still, not least of which is the inability to play Flash, and problems connecting to some wireless networks.  There are a couple of quotes from the article which are interesting.  Firstly the machines will…

“soon go on sale”

As we know, Elonex have never, ever been the best at delivering on time.  I ordered the original One+ at the end of February, and finally gave up mid-August on the order.  There appears to be a fair bit of ‘spin’ in this article too – the original Telegraph article talks about…

…signed a deal to provide M&S and Next with netbooks with colourful designs and “fashion” covers, though these higher-spec machines are likely to cost nearer £200

Thereby breaking that ‘sweet spot’.  I had a look in M & S today to see where they could sell netbooks, there are a few ‘hi-tech’ gadgets in the ‘boys toys’ section of the store, but that doesn’t really mix with what Elonex are trying to do here.

Let’s see what happens in this area, it could really be a good opportunity for Elonex, but the netbook market is crowded,  surely everyone who wants one (except me!) now has one?  It will need something like a dramatic increase in battery life to make these people upgrade.


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