Credit Crunch

I’m still finding my feet in the big bad world after my LRTI (I’ve never had a disease with it’s own abbreviation before) and taking it steady.  But today I ventured into Wolverhampton, to see what the sales had to offer, and also see what city centre shopping is like in the era of ‘recession’.

There’s certainly a lot of people about, but there’s very few people buying.  And there are bargains out there.  I guess because I do the vast majority of my shopping online I don’t see this (and when I go into Birmingham, the Bullring is a slightly surreal shopping experience).  There are a fair few shops which are closed in Wolverhampton.

The credit cruch hit home to me yesterday when I heard that Viyella has gone into administration, a friend of mine from Luton is a store manager there.  I’m dropping her a note today suggesting that she gets into coffee bars, as it seems to be the only business doing well.  Me, I guess I’m holding off on some purchases (not least of which a new home with more space), but with my current savings rates giving me less that £100 a year interest for each £5k of savings I have, I’m not sure why!

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