It’s a MINI adventure

My MINI is back, safe and sound and appearing no worse off for it’s three week stay in the repair shop.


Combine that with the two inhalers which I’m now taking a total of twelve doses a day, and I can almost climb a flight of stairs without feeling breathless.  So I think this is the fittest I’ve been for a good while.. and with three whole days of my holiday left too!


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  1. Rojon Ali on

    Hello Andy

    Great to see your car is back on the road 😀

    In regards to Twitter i thought also it was a great service, but I knew that it wouldnt last when you got other social networking sites such as facebook and myspace.

    I hope all is well with students and stafff at university. I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Work life is different 🙂 But challenging 😀



  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Good to hear from you Rojon. I think Twitter ‘died’ here when the ability to track someone via SMS was withdrawn. I can appreciate the cost, but it was so useful.

    Glad working life is bringing rewards – of sorts!

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