Christmas Reading

People who know me know that they can’t go far wrong with getting me a book for Christmas.  This year, a couple of books deserve an honourable mention.

First, Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale, a book which is a series of email exchanges between Russel T. Davies, executive producer and all-round Doctor Who genius, and Benjamin Cook, a young writer for Doctor Who magazine and Radio Times.  This was the perfect book for me here and now, as it’s Doctor Who, and a good discussion of the creative writing process, which is so pertinent to my writing course.  I devoured the very thick (and very, very small type face) in a matter of days, and I know I’ll be dipping into it a lot over the next year.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a link to the second book.  My friends gathered together the short stories and poetry which I have shared online and with them via email, and put them together as my first anthology, printing them as two hardback books through the website  They produced the artwork, copies of the front and back of the dustcovers have been scanned below.



It’s wonderful to see your words in print (all be it sort of vanity publishing), and it’s given me a much-needed boost to my creative writing (now I can climb the stairs without needing a break half way up).

UPDATE – You can now preview ‘my’ book and buy your own copy by clicking here, as Simon has made it public.  We don’t get comission or any royalties on this.


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