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It’s been a bad week…

is a good radio programme currently being repeated on BBC7.  But it also summarises the tail end of my week.

After the fun of the accident on Wednesday (all getting sorted, if slowly), I had a really, really bad night with my persistent cough.  An emergency appointment with the doctor yesterday (I couldn’t drive myself to surgery) led to me within the hour being admitted to New Cross hospital with suspected pneumonia.  After seven hours (six of which were spent waiting around), I was discharged, with antibiotics and steroids.  A night’s rest at parents and I’m back home, recovering, sleeping and still coughing a lot.

Apologies to my students who were expecting to see me today, but believe me you wouldn’t have wanted to see me in my current state.  I’m hoping my Christmas break will give me the chance to rest, and recover fully.

As in previous years, blogging will be intermittent over the Christmas break.  I wish everyone a great time, and a healthy(!) new year.