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Using proformas to provide feedback to students

I’ve always been a fan of using proformas to provide quick feedback to students.  I’ve used them a couple of times this semester to good effect, to give students quick feedback.

I’ve attached below a proforma I’m using next week to provide feedback to project management students on a mock exam which they sat last week.  As you can see, I can provide a lot of feedback by simply using a highlighter, but have provided enough space for any specific comments.  It’s took a little under two hours to mark ten mock exams to be able to provide feedback… scanning (or copying) these sheets before I give them back to the students provides a reference for me too (click to load, it’s in Adobe pdf format)


The problem with giving feedback in such a standard style though is that students invariably compare/contrast their marks with others, and it can be hard to justify marking within a few percentage marks.  That’s what second marking/moderation is for, and I always warn students that any assessed marks are provisional.