Writer’s Block

I’ve always joked about people having ‘writer’s block’, the inability for a creative writer to actually put pen to paper, or more frequently now finger to keyboard.  I’ve come across lots of ways of overcoming this,  from proudcts such as The Writer’s Block: Ideas to Jump-start Your Imagination to simply writing anything down, and then slowly shaping this.

But I’m now faced with the experience myself.  I’ve given myself a target, I need to complete this piece of writing (a stage play adaptation of an earlier story) by the end of today.  I’ve had this day marked out for a fortnight in my diary, and have put everything else on hold.  I don’t need to go out or do anything else today except write.

And here I am, two hours after starting, blogging about how I can’t start writing!

It’s amazing the distractions you will find, Douglas Adams famously used to take lots of baths.  For me, the tidiness of my study or work space is usually a good indicator of how much actual work I’m doing.  At the moment it’s very tidy, with just my gadgets and the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2009on my desk.

(I’ve had to put my new iPod touch in a different room, too tempting a toy today).

I should be thankful that I’ve got a whole day to do this, the weather is foul outside so there’s no incentive to head out,and it’s pretty well complete, though I’m not happy with some of the characterization and I need to physically put more words on the page than are there at the moment.

So all I need to do is Tweet, update my Facebook status, print out the work I’ve done, and maybe another cup of tea, and I should all be ready to start… any time now.


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