Two years old

This blog is two years old today.  I’ve made 455 posts in that time, and the number of unique visitors has increased from 43 in the first month to 4353 in September this year (it’s now settled down to around 2,500 per month for the last two months.)

I’d like to thank everyone who’s read a message here, or posted a comment (334 of them), and I hope that all have you have gained something from the witterings here.

My style has changed during this time, with less focus on my day to day work and more on my inner geek and items of more general interest.  However, I still think the ‘Two cultures, one mind’ tag works well, even if the two cultures I talk about may not have been what I originally envisiged.

The future?  I’ll be slowing down a little during my Christmas break as I always do, though with a significant gadget purchase on the horizon I’m looking forward to being able to discuss this in some depth.  And the new wordpress interface is sure to be a boon and make for a much more bearable experience.  Apart from that, watch this space!


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  1. raetsel on

    Happy Birthday blog!

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