Freesat installation

As mentioned briefly, I’ve had Freesat installed at home.  I live too far away from either Sutton Coldfield or the Wrekin for an internal aerial to work, and as I’ve been a 100% Sky household for over 10 years, I didn’t have an external aerial I could hook my new bedroom telly up to.

The total cost of the box and installation came to around £115 with discounts, cashback, vouchers etc, from Argos.  Installation process was incredibly quick.  Ordered Tuesday, installed Thursday afternoon, at the same time that the box was delivered.

One thing to be aware of is that the tuning of the box to receive the channels takes a while, about half an hour in this instance, and the Bush SD box I have then performed a hardware upgrade, but it all worked fine.

The interface is not as slick as the Sky programme guide, but functional enough and all the usual facilities are there.  The remote for the Bush set has big buttons (essential for blurred operation, either early or late at night!), and is simple to use.

The stations themselves – there are some notable omissions to the channel line up (4Music for example is missing, and UK History and Dave which are available on Freeview are not yet on Freesat at the time of writing), but there’s enough there to watch, and the reception and picture quality is excellent.  More channels are on their way (including the complete five line-up, and more HD channels are expected).

Downside?  I deliberately wanted a completely separate installation to my standard Sky, but that does mean that I’ve got two dishes on my house, but that’s my choice, it would have been possible to run the two boxes from just the one dish, but with much more cabling running around my house.

All in, money well spent.


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