Amazon Music Downloads

The Amazon MP3 Downloads service has arrived in the UK, with some real bargains to be had at the moment.  The single download fee is just 59p, but the real bargains are for some bestselling albums at the moment, a bargain at just £3.00 each.

I’ve spent a happy weekend nudging my better half saying ‘look at this!’, and vice versa.

The MP3’s are at a reasonable 256 kbps, and are free of all DRM, so you can use them on iTunes or Windoze Media Player with no hassles.  You have to download a little program called Amazon MP3 downloader, but this is no major hassle, and you don’t have to copy the music into iTunes, it imports it (plus album artwork) for you.

Give Amazon MP3 Downloads a go – at this price a good christmas party ice breaker too, let everyone pick their favourite track,

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