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Busy days

It’s ironic that following the very successful blogging seminar on Wednesday, I’ve not had chance to mak a posting here!  Thanks for everyone who attended, and managed to keep up with my somewhat rushed presentation.

Yesterday was spent marking, and coping with a few minor crises at work, both groupwork and printer related, some of which have been sorted, others still to be resolved in meetings on Monday.  Today was a drop in/advice session with Forensic Computing students, then back here to the usual emails.

I’ve spotted a quirk/problem with my three mobile broadband, which may need further investigation.  I know that the upload speeds are less than download, this is normal, and gives the ‘A’ of ADSL it’s name (I know, mobile broadband doesn’t use the same technology).  But whilst on my travels today I’ve spent a lot of time trying to upload  a 2.5 Mbyte file onto moodle, with no success.  I plan to do some investigation of this, whether other people have experienced problems with large file sizes over mobile broadband.

In ‘other news’, Freesat has been installed at home with no problems, and I’ve been really pleased with the service.  The total cost (box plus installation, less vat discount less quidco less £10 Argos voucher) was less than £120 all in, which isn’t bad for a one-off cost).

Oh, and WordPress has changed it’s user interface, I’ll be writing more on this later I suspect, once I’ve had a chance to explore it further, but so far first impressions are good.