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Blogging seminar

This is being written before the semimar this afternoon.  I’ll be able to discuss the content much more once I’ve attended, though I’m teaching for the first couple of hours, so I miss out on the free lunch unfortunately!

I’m also unintentionally doing my bit for the environment, as the printing system across the university has been down since the weekend.  The ‘inconvenience’ is becoming much more serious, and we’ve had to grant assignment extensions, with the associated difficulties.  Because of this though, I’ve been unable to print the paper that I’m using as a basis for my presentation.

I’ve YouTube’d my presentation for those who want the closest I can produce to a ‘watch again’ experience.

The rest of the day is to be spent on one to one sessions with students, and battling with the printer I guess, though with the new extension, students have been dropping out of the one to one sessions like flies.