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And the marking starts rolling in….

I’ve got no more formal teaching sessions with students this semester, the rest of my teaching sessions are 1:1, or presentations from the students back to me.

That also means however that the marking season has started, and I have a small, but steadily increasing pile of marking on my desk.

It will all get done, it always is, and (mostly) in the self-imposed deadlines, but at the moment I’m in the ‘mild panic’ stage.

One thing which I do which minimised the stress for me is where it’s possible and feasible, to create a marking pro-forma in Excel (or more likely nowadays iWork Numbers).  This provides a breakdown of the marks for students, and prevents from me from having ‘finger trouble’, when adding up columns of marks.  It works well, and becauase it’s electronic I can provide a copy to students, external examiner, and anyone else who needs them (and they’re accessible anywhere, as they’re stored either on an old-fashioned pen drive, or nowadays more securely in my Dropbox).

The downside to that is that it doesn’t *quite* fit in with the university forms and ways of doing things, meaning on many cover sheets I have to put the words ‘please refer to feedback sheet’.  I’ve already got a rubber stamp with my name and title, maybe I should get the same created for this phrase.

Outside work, I’ve finally got round to ordering a Freesat installation for my bedroom, which should be good for Christmas lie-ins and late-nights.  I went for the bog-standard (strange turn of phrase that), installation with SD (not HD), and no PVR functionality, I’m looking for a KISS solution.  The box is being delivered on Thursday, so I can always have a play with it through my existing Sky dish.