Open Event Hereford

Imagine if you can that there’s been an all-out war, and that you’re trapped in a nuclear bunker, not with your friends, family and loved ones, but with a dozen Open University advisors.


The courtyard centre in Hereford is purpose-built, light, bright and modern and apart from having to spend £2.75 on a slice of cake, a joy to visit.  But for reasons best known to themselves they stick us in the studio theatre, which like most theatres has no natural light.

Or heat.

It reminds me so much of the school gymnasium, not in smell (that strange mix of wood polish and sweat which I’ve never experienced since), but in the way that noise travels – I can hear conversations on tables ten metres away from me.

Still, another couple of hours and I’m done, with another little contribution to the Christmas fund (I may as well simply divert my salary to Amazon and, and they refund me the difference at the moment).

And if you’re in Hereford at the moment, pop in and say hello, I can recommend the Christmas cake!

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