Hello Dave!

Lousy traffic on the way home from a placement visit yesterday meant that I ended up at IKEA.  This is actually less than half a mile from my parents, so I pass it quite often, and their meatballs in gravy is probably as good an excuse as any that I bought a Wii Fit a couple of months ago.

Anyhow, I had in mind half an idea to buy a second computer table for my office.  There’s often a couple of us working from home, and it’s always good to have somewhere to put my laptop.

Enter Dave –


For £15 it does the job a treat.  It can lift to the height of my normal desk, but can also drop down so that I can use it from the sofa… or even bed!  It also tilts.

The downside – it’s not as stable a base as a normal desk (it can’t be with only one leg!), and there’s not much room for my mighty mouse (there is, but you have to move the laptop off centre which makes it rock more).

The rest of the day has been fairly steady, with an interesting school meeting about plans for new courses.

Have a good weekend everyone, I’m on annual leave on Monday so no posting unless my Christmas shopping goes really techie!

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