As mentioned earlier, here are the findings of a student activity trying to compare three of the most popular product management techniques.

These have been transcribed directly from flip chart sheets, and have not been peer compared – you may find contradictions!

Products are delivered at every stage Deliverable every 30 days
Any kind of project IT/IS Projects
Team members can be in different offices Assumes everyone works together in the same office
Product based Product based
Project manager SCRUM master
Meetings at end of each stage Daily Scrum meeting
PRINCE2 evolved Scrum was created
Commercial methodology Commercial methodology
Risk Analysis Does not explicitly consider risk
8 Roles 3 Roles
Not formal Formal
Process based Activity based
Defined roles No defined roles
30 Day cycle No limit/duration defined
Many product deliveries Only one product
No risk management Formal risk methodology
Everyone is ‘committed’ Allows for flexibility
No formal tools Formal tools e.g. RACI, WBS etc.
Focused on product Activity based but product focused
Communication via daily meetings Communication methods (a knowledge area)
Product based Activity based
Not HR based HR focused
No procurement management Procurement management
Product breakdown structure Work breakdown structure
No cost management technique Cost management technique available
People take on roles No specific roles
Maximum duration of 2 years No limt

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  1. Hej_Music on

    Nice few articles on PM. Did the students find one method easier to learn initially?

    I’m just getting into PM for my work & have just chosen Scrum as the first methodology I’ll learn. It fits the urgent needs for the current projects that I have.
    Anyway… back to my books, I need to learn it by Monday then apply it to 3 projects on the go which all are due for completion by January.

    I also intend to follow Scrum up with PRINCE2 and combine the two for future (less urgent) work.

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