Ambient sounds

I’ve added another site to my RSS feeds, this one being LifeHacker.  The mix of techie stuff, lifestyle and strangely cooking tips means that you never know what you’re going to find there.

One thing that popped up a couple of days ago was a link to iSerenity.  The site is simple in style, but does the job, providing a number of ambient noises for background working.  I’ve already got my favourites, the restaurant noise is great to help me feel that I’m working where other people can see me, whereas I’ve fallen asleep a couple of times (on the sofa!) to the sound of a train.

It’s clearly a niché product, but it works for me where I don’t want the distraction of ‘real’ noise, but don’t want silence.  I’m looking forward to trying it at work with headphones on.

I’m pleased to say cough/cold-wise I’m back to normal now, and almost running on full power.  Looking forward to teaching this afternoon.

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