Sedentary lifestlye

Whilst I’m still getting better, I’ve had to curtail most of my activities outside work.  I had long planned seeing the Christmas lights being turned on at Coven, the local village to me, but foul weather and a healthy dose of common sense had kept me in.

So today has been spent sitting on the sofa, with the occassional web surf and working on my creative writing.  I’ve also been able to chat to a very old friend who has just discovered the delights of MSN Messenger.  He’s asked for my advice about purchasing a webcam.  I was able to point him to an earlier posting but the camera I recommended a year ago is no longer available.  The closest I think is the Logitech QuickCam E3500 which he’s (hopefully) going to purchase.

I’ve not done this before, but I will update the earlier posting with this information, as I still get a fair few hits on this posting.

Teaching tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and a placement visit on Thursday – not exactly an easy week, but all par for the course at this time of year I guess.

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